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Updates!!! Hurrah!

So, I hears ja don't like the way we update?!
*Twitching eyebrow...*

Well I guess we'll just stop updating all together you ungratefu-

LOL... Just kidding. Uso! I'd never say that... >.> Only Xandiira would.

xD So, yes, I've pushed my editor to the limit, now that I've finished chapter 5 and 6, we can update more often.

Updates on Monday, and Friday. =.= It seems like you're getting more, but ja aren't. I just want to make you feel specials inside. <3333

~~~~~~~~~ News about me!

Guessies what!

O_O NO! Rei didn't appear last night...

>.> Although I thought I heard my diary mumble under my bed, but that's besides the point...

I just received my acceptance letter from my NUMBA UNO COLLEGE! Yes! Kyoko's going to college! Yes!! xD So happy!

I'll be posting like crazy this summer, so watch out!

Let's hope my editor gets in too.... Can you all post "Good Luck Xandra" for me. I know it would make her happy.

^_~ I also know she'll get in... no doubt, that smart-ass(<3) bff of mine.

~ Now Kyoko runs off to do her pre-calc. Ja! Bai!

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